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Meet Your Nail Expert. 

Jessica Meszaros
She Got Nailed Founder &  4 x Certified Artist

11 years industry experience.

Over 800 clients nailed.  

10,564 performed to date. 

4x certified nail artist. 

My journey in the beauty industry began over 7 years ago. I had always been fascinated and passionate about all things beauty especially nails and
makeup and the idea of being able to build a career around my passion was a dream
come true for me.


I always knew I wanted to build my own company in the beauty industry, and this led me to studying my Cert 3 in Beauty Services at only 16, I remember always strongly thinking that I would never do a job where I didn't love every single aspect of it and have that boring "same thing different day" mentality
that a lot of adults have. After playing around with nails during this course my love for nails turned into an obsession and I decided to go all in on on my dream to build that business by completing my Diploma in Beauty Therapy with the goal of opening my own salon some day.


My 16 year old self really had a vision, because it lead me to opening my own studio - She Got Nailed in 2016 and since then I have built a successful and in demand salon that brings the Melbourne area luxurious nail treatments and services along with a side of glitz and glam and therapy/gossip session.

I have spent years training with world renowned experts in the industry across all things nails - from perfection retention, to creating the ultimate structure including tailored nail art and design, and after spending over 7 years in the industry, I knew it was time to help other women create their own empires in the industry and become masters of their craft. I wanted to start an Academy that put the luxury back into nails. I want to change the standard in the nail industry and show people that not only is it a highly profitable and lucrative industry to be a part of, but exactly how they can build a successful and highly rewarding career that lasts the long haul.


This is where She Got Nailed Academy was born, an elite education and training academy for aspiring artists wanting to enter the industry or current industry artists looking to up-skill and learn the SHE GOT NAILED way. My academy goes far beyond just the technical aspect of education for artists and provides insights into starting and scaling a business, social media, marketing and client management, which is why our graduates get to reap the benefits of being highly in demand and building a reputation as a leader in the nail space very quickly after completing our programs. Helping fellow beauty babes step into their power and watching them bloom into their high level, is a feeling i'll never get over, and being able to wake up and come into a business that inspires me and allows me to meet so many amazing people while unleashing my creativity is a total pinch me moment each and every day.


I cannot wait to meet you in salon, or work with you to build your own highly in

demand and profitable nail empire.

All my love,

Jess x

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