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The Story... It's a long one. 

My name is Jess and I'm the owner and creator of She Got Nailed. 

I have always had a passion and love for all things beauty since I was little, and had one of those Barbie doll heads that you could do their hair and makeup, do you remember those? They were the shizz back then haha. During high school was when I started to pursue my beauty career, I started my Cert III in Beauty Services when I was 16, which I had already started playing around and teaching myself nails. Around the same time I have hairdressing a red hot crack for 6 months - lets just say that didn't work out. Once I finished year 12 I knew for sure that uni was not my path in life, 12 years of school was more than enough for me, so I went and did my Diploma of Beauty Therapy which was a year long course.


I absolutely loved my time during my Diploma but always strongly had in my head that I would never do a job where I didn't love every single aspect of it and have that boring "same thing different day" mentality that a lot of adults have.

So once I decided that out of all things beauty, nails was my favourite and also keeping in mind that I absolutely hate working for anyone else, my dad and I built my very own at home salon extension on the side of our house, and quit my two other jobs - I was now very poor.

While the home salon was being built I started going to weekend local markets, offering little hand painted manis to try and get my name out there. I lost more than I ever made - but like whatever in life, even if you lose in the end, you still learn so much, which I did. 

Starting out as a tiny table where you could get your nails painted at Sunday markets, She Got Nailed has now transformed into a place of relaxation, top quality nails, along with a side of glitz and glam and therapy or gossip session. 


Education is another passion along side creating tiny art. Helping fellow beauty babes step into their power and watching them bloom into their high level, is a feeling i'll never get over. Creating a dream life of actual balance between life and work is another aspect I help women implement in their life, work smarter not harder - and reap the benefits. 

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