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Welcome to
She Got Nailed Academy. 

She Got Nailed Academy is a results focused training academy for aspiring nail artists wanting to start their career in the beauty industry and the go-to academy for professional artists looking to up skill and make their mark as a leader in the space.


Meet your mentor. 

Jessica Meszaros

She Got Nailed founder & 4x certified artist

7 Years Industry Experience. 

Over 800 Clients Nailed.

10,564 Services Performed to Date.

Multi 6 Figure Salon Owner. 

At She Got Nailed Academy we’re committed to creating top tier students by going beyond just the technical aspect of
education for artists and providing insights into starting and scaling a business, social media, marketing and client

Our comprehensive online courses and in person training programs were crafted for current artists and aspiring artists
wanting to thrive in the ever-evolving beauty industry by learning the necessary skills and techniques that allow artists
to make their mark and sky-rocket their careers to be in demand and build their reputation as a leader.

Our holistic approach ensures that our graduates are not just advanced artists but are equipped with the skills to take on
the beauty industry. She Got Nailed Academy is a community like no other, with a supportive and educational space that
extends far beyond the initial classroom, we are there for you every step of the way of your journey to become an
advanced artist.

Why We Built This Academy.

To start an Academy that put the luxury back into nails and to change the standard in the nail industry by showing people that not only is it a highly profitable and lucrative industry to be a part of, but exactly how they can build a successful and highly

rewarding career that lasts the long haul.

What Makes Us Different.

Efficiency, genuine care, honesty and devotion. These are the key elements that sets SGNA apart from other training facilities. You will learn in the most efficient way possible, we genuinely care about you and your wants and needs, and you won't be handed a certificate just because you attended your class. Every SGNA student is certified based on competence, and your mentor will alter the teaching techniques for each student ensuring they leave completely competent and have successfully completed their course. 

What We're Here To Do.

Our goal is to simply - be the building foundations for students to create their very own business made for success. 


Jess has performed over 10,000 nail services and in these in person programs she will share with you all of the knowledge you need to propel your career in the industry!

complete acrylic training (5).png

In Person Complete Acrylic Course

In person training for the aspiring nail artist wanting to learn the latest techniques with efficiency. Setting you up for success from the start. You will learn the art of sculpting acrylic, e-file nail prep and shaping, nail art, liquid to powder ratio and more.

*payment plan available. 

In Person Complete BIAB Course

In person training on the latest nail technique. The BIAB world is booming, become a part of it now. You will learn BIAB application with efficiency, e-file nail prep, shaping and more. 

*payment plan available. 

complete acrylic training (4).png
complete acrylic training (3).png

In Person Pro Masterclass

In person training for the experienced artist wanting expand and polish off their skill. One day, you're the boss, the teachings are for you to choose. 

*payment plan available. 


Neutral Minimalist Aesthetic Time Management Ebook Cover (1).png

Beginner To Booked

Your secret weapon to attracting and retaining clientele using the power of human psychology. Shatter those self doubts and questions around getting clients in your door. I reveal every method I have used to building a client base over 780 clients. 

My Signature Butterfly Tutorial

This is one of my most highly requested art designs - the hand painted butterfly. Come along step by step to achieve the most dainty and cute results every time. 

IMG_1001 2.jpg

Lily F

"This course was probably the best decision I've ever made. The 1:1 lesson gave me a more in depth understanding of the techniques and skills. 

I felt like she was able to answer every question and as a beginner that was really important as I had zero experience or knowledge with nails at all. Now I am able to say I walked out of there head full of knowledge and eagerness to just start my business asap! Seriously recommend x"

Laura B

“I was a little nervous to try something new but Jess made me feel so comfortable and was so encouraging throughout the whole day! Jess explained everything in great detail and she was happy to answer even the silliest of questions! I couldn’t recommend this training enough and I can’t wait to continue my nail journey knowing that I have Jess as a support person” 

Hannah F

Jess' approach to training is exactly how I like to learn, theory online in your own time and in person it was all about the practical side of nails. Her passion not only shows in the immaculate work she create in SGN, but in the precision and find tuning she guides you through when it comes to perfecting acrylics. I'm thankful to continue having Jess as a mentor and can't wait to perfect this skill enough to do the masters nails one day! Thank you gorgeous lady!"
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